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Dog Show Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some of the most common questions asked by visitors to the Detroit Kennel Club Dog Shows.

Q: The dog show is so big! How do I find my way around?
A: There are maps available at the Information Booth, which is at the front of the hall. Folks there will be happy to answer your questions and lead you to the breeds you want to visit and events you want to watch. You may also purchase a catalog, which not only contains a map, but has a schedule of the breed judging, the special events, as well as a listing of some of the breeders exhibiting at the show. Every dog entered in the show is listed in the catalog.

Q: May I bring my own dog to the show? He/she would love to see all those other dogs.
A: Sorry, you must leave your own pooch at home. By AKC rules, only dogs entered into the dog shows are allowed to be in Cobo Center. However, feel free to buy your pet a wonderful consolation prize from any of the many vendors who will be selling a fabulous range of doggie items at the show!

Q: I came to look at a particular breed, and there aren't any on the bench. Where are they?
A: If there is a space on the bench for the dog, but it is not there, it is most likely being shown or exercised. If the catalog lists the dog, but there is no space on the bench, then it is probably in the handlers' section. Since handlers often show more than one breed, they are allowed to bench the dogs with them, rather than in the breed section. It makes it much easier for them when they must run from ring to ring. If the handler's name is listed in the catalog (under 'agent'), then you should be able to find the dog in that handler's section. Also, if there is only one or two of a particular breed entered, the numbers may be too small for a dog to receive points, so the owner decided to leave the dog at home.

Q: Can I bring a camera?
A: Yes! Just make sure to ask the owner before taking a picture of a particular dog. He or she will help set the dog up so that it looks its best.

Q: Are strollers allowed?
A: Yes! The aisles are nice and wide at Cobo Center. Just try to avoid the more popular breeds during the busiest parts of the day.

Q: What is there for kids to do?
A: There are special events taking place all day that kids will enjoy. For a schedule of those events, click here.

Q: What is the best time to come?
A: At the Detroit Kennel Club Dog Shows, there is plenty to see throughout the entire day. In the morning, the dogs are rested, so they are perky and eager to be petted. The busiest time is usually in the early afternoon, just after lunch.Even though things are quieter in the mid afternoon, they can also be more exciting, as by this time, the judges have chosen the best dogs in their breeds and are judging them in groups, the elite of the field! If you can stay until 5 or 6PM, you'll get to see the presentation of Best in Show, the culmination of the whole day.

Q: This will be my first visit to a dog show. What should I look for?
A: Definitely go up and down the aisles where the dogs are sitting on benches when not competing in the ring. The DKC is one of only five benched shows left in the country. Instead of a "show-and-go," where the dogs leave as soon as they are finished competing, these dogs are required to stay until 5PM on Saturday and 4PM Sunday. You will get to see them up close and personal, ask questions of their owners, breeders or handlers, and watch them get groomed for the ring. There will also be a day full of special events, in which dogs compete, perform and demonstrate the amazing versatility of purebred dogs.

Q: Is there food available at the show?
A: There is a wide selection of food concessions both inside the main exhibition hall as well as in the lobby. No one, including the dogs, will go hungry!

Q: How can I meet different breeders and learn about my favorite breed?
A: The benching set-up makes this the perfect opportunity to make contacts with top people in the breed. You can pick up business cards, have conversations with breeders, and learn a lot just by asking questions and watching that breed compete in the ring. In addition, four or five breeds will be featured each day in the "Meet the Breed" seminars. Many of the breed clubs holding supported entries or specialties will have displays with information on their respective breeds as well as club members to answer your questions.

Q: I love the poster advertising the Detroit Kennel Club dog shows. Can I purchase one?
A: Posters are available by mail for $10 for the first poster, and $5 for each additional poster. Click here for an Order Form. You may also purchase posters from past DKC shows.